The Temple | Lindisfarne Festival
3rd-6th September 2020
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Whilst working on the drainage in the lower fields, our farm team made an unexpected discovery. Deep below the holy earth on this sacred site, we uncovered an ancient temple of unknown origin! Further investigation unearthed scrolls describing a long forgotten ceremony. A communal coming together of culture and dance from across the nations. Fabled only to happen once every thousand years our tireless researchers have pinpointed the next occurrence to the start of September 2020 and so we have begun a quest to bring together the legends of world music and dance to perform their arts in this most mystical event! Join us this year in The Temple for a new awaking and a new healing.


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2020 lineup

Black Cat Bone
The Tuckers
Hardly Original
Hector Gannet
We Steal Flyers
The Hoojamamas
Feed the Elk
Wodge and the Bandits
Big Fat Panda
The Skapones
Leftfield (DJ Set)
Jodie Fitzgibbon
The Whippet Beans
Holy Moly & The Crackers
The Trials of Cato
Feet of Clay
The Joe Mangels
We Are Champion – A Tribute To Queen
Marty Craggs’ Little Band Jam
Samson Sounds
New York Brass Band
Connor Fyfe
Blistered Molly
Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5
Rabbit Foot Club
Shades of Rhythm
The Smoking Jeffreys
Fabio & Grooverider
Dutty Moonshine Big Band
Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club
The Destroyers
Groove Armada
Zion Train
Voice of the Town
Alabama 3
DJ Rap
Cut Capers
The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican
Backyard Rhythm Orchestra
Sister Suzie
Amy Montgomery
Letz Zep
Rachel Croft
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