Story - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Our Story

Born out of the desire to create something special for the North East, Lindisfarne Festival came to life in early September 2015, when a 2000 strong crowd descended onto the glorious fields at Beal Farm to experience a weekend like no other – the ultimate end-of-summer party on the spectacular Northumberland coastline.

A small festival on a BIG mission, Lindisfarne Festival is continually striving to create and sustain the most incredible yet affordable music, arts & wellness festival in the whole of the UK! A mission to bring together people from all walks of life for a weekend of pure unadulterated fun in a truly spectacular location. A mission to shine a spotlight on talent, support those in need, encourage exploration of the extraordinary and celebrate some of life’s greatest treasures: music, art, nature and above all else – people! 

Providing a wonderful hedonistic escape from reality, Lindisfarne Festival is a place where you can shed all responsibility and revert to that care-free, childlike state of being. For one weekend of the year, forget all of your troubles, disconnect from the stresses and strains of everyday life and focus on nothing but having an absolutely amazing time with the amazing people around you.

Lose yourself, find yourself – do whatever you want to do. Immerse yourself in great music and entertainment, surrounded by the best bunch of people and breath-taking scenery.

What to expect in 2024…

Every year we vow to take things up a level in terms of the event programming, the site design and of course our lineup and every year we deliver!

2023 was absolutely off the scale and we are even more determined to make sure 2024 is our best festival to date!

Tickets & payment plans

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