Frequently Asked Questions - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Thursday 29th August – Sunday 1st September.

  • When do Payment Plans go on sale?

    Payment Plans for 2024 will be available from early March 2024 until April 30th 2024.

    To find our more information about our payment plans – please sign up to our mailing list here

  • Can you explain to me how Payment Plans work?

    For 2024 we will be offering 4 PART PAYMENT PLANS. These are split into 4 equal payments and will be on sale from Early March until the 30th April. These payment plans are only available on 3 day or 2 day weekend tickets. Add ons such as car parking, and live in vehicle permits must be bought separately from our website’s tickets page.

    When you sign up to the payment plan – the first payment is due when you sign up. This will be available anytime from Monday 3rd March until the 30th April 2024. Payment plans will NOT be available after this date.

    Once signed up to the payment plan you will automatically receive an email with a link to pay instalment number 2 on the 9th May 2024 and you will have until the 7th June to make this payment. You will receive a reminder email prior to the 7th June if you haven’t yet made the 2nd payment.

    You will receive a further link via email to pay instalment number 3 on the 13th June and you will have until 12th July to make this payment. Again, you will receive a reminder email prior to the 12th July if you haven’t made the 3rd payment.

    The link to pay the 4th and final payment will be emailed to you on the 18th July and you will have until 15th August 2024 to make this payment. This will then confirm your ticket(s) for Lindisfarne Festival 2024 which will then be emailed to you two weeks before the festival, when all tickets are sent out.

  • When will I receive my ticket if I pay by payment plan?

    Your tickets will be sent in August 2024

  • What happens if I cancel my payment plan?

    In order to be valid for 2024, your instalment ticket will need to be paid in full. If you cancel your ticket before you complete your payment you will not be issued a ticket and your  payments will be no longer counted towards any tickets and refunds will not be issued. By taking out a payment plan you entry into a contract with us to pay all monies for your tickets. If you have completed your instalments your ticket will be valid for 2024.

  • When will you announce 2024 acts?

    We’ll be bringing you details on 2024 artists from Autumn 2023!

  • When and how will I receive my tickets?


    **Please ensure you enter your email address correctly when booking!**

    Tickets purchased outright via our ticketing system will be dispatched approximately 2 weeks before the event, in mid August 2024. Tickets purchased with a monthly instalment plan will be issued in August 2024. The email with your barcoded tickets attached will come from our ticket provider and the subject line should read: ‘Your Tickets for Lindisfarne Festival 2024’

    You will receive a confirmation email from our ticket provider once you have bought tickets and tickets will be emailed two weeks before the event. This is too avoid fraudulent tickets being duplicated and sold unauthorised.

    For all ticket enquiries or if your tickets have not been received 1 week prior to the festival please email

  • Can I get a discount on tickets?

    Lindisfarne Festival operates a tiered ticketing system. This means that our ticket prices start cheaper and increase as we near closer to the actual event, so the earlier you book, the bigger the discount you will get. Other than the price you pay, there is absolutely no difference to the ticket you receive, no matter what tier you purchase your ticket at. We have a set allocation of tickets for each pricing tier. Once the set allocation of tickets has sold out we progress onto the next tier and the price increases.

  • Are day tickets available?

    Day tickets are available for Saturday to Sunday only and include camping

  • Will there be shower facilities?

    YES! Kiss goodbye to the baby wipe showers – Due to increasingly popular demand Lindisfarne Festival 2024 will have some shower facilities with fresh running water available. Don’t forget your towel!

    Showers will be subject to a small usage fee (payable onsite) to cover the facilities and staffing costs.

  • Is there a 'quiet' camping zone?

    There will be a designated ‘quieter’ camping area near the back of the camping field (past the glamping area). Space will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so if you wish to set up camp here we highly recommend you arrive on the Thursday or early on the Friday. We do have measures in place to keep the noise to a minimum after hours but we are a festival (with a late entertainment license) and therefore some level of noise will be expected (so bring some decent earplugs!)

  • Do I have to pay for parking?

    Parking does come at a cost and passes can be pre-booked online at a discounted rate. If you need to pay on arrival, parking will be charged at a flat rate – no matter what day you arrive. We encourage you to use public transport and take advantage of our bus service from Berwick Train Station or car share with other festival-goers to reduce the impact of the festival. More info on getting to the festival can be found here.

  • How far is the car park from the campsite?

    The campsite is only a short walk from the car park (approximately 400 metres / 5 minutes).

  • Is the festival on Holy Island?

    No. The festival is at Beal Farm, which is on the mainland opposite Holy island (aka Lindisfarne) approximately 50 miles North of Newcastle, 8 miles South of Berwick, and 65 miles South of Edinburgh. Our site has spectacular views overlooking the island and the coast. We are located on the right just before the entrance of the Lindisfarne Causeway.

  • Will there be a main stage?

    Yes, our mainstage is located in the Shorefields venue and this will be where our headline acts play on the Friday and Saturday night. There will be 8 separate music marquees/venues – each with a fantastic line-up and headline act. Each marquee has a strict capacity so we recommend that if there is a specific act you want to see, like with any festival, it’s best to get into the venue nice and early. Although, with our very diverse audience and so much fantastic stuff going on, it’s quite unlikely that you won’t be able to get in to see your favourite acts.

  • Will it be windy?

    The festival is on the coast and it can be quite exposed to the elements. Be prepared! We recommend bringing warm layers of clothing and extra tent pegs just in case.

  • What happens if there is a thunder storm?

    During the festival we will be constantly be monitoring the festival site and the surrounding weather conditions and have procedures in place for evacuation. If we detect the potential of lightning strikes in the locality, we will suspend the activities within the festival site immediately. Announcements will be made in each marquee asking people to evacuate in an orderly manner. Security staff, festival staff and volunteers will aid you during the evacuation. For more information on how to stay safe at the festival during an electrical storm, please refer to our Safety & Security info page

  • Will I need to bring I.D?

    Lindisfarne Festival is an over 18’s only event and we operate a challenge 25 policy at both the box office and our bars. If you don’t have valid I.D. you may be refused entry or service. The lead ticket booker in your group (the named ticket holder) WILL need to show I.D. at the box office in order to exchange tickets for wristbands. Entry will not be permitted if the named ticket holder is not present.

  • Why are children not allowed at the festival?

    It was not our intention to exclude children from Lindisfarne Festival. In our launch year, we had many things to consider like budgets, logistics and the law and it was just not possible for us to provide adequate measures and entertainment for children. We are still seriously considering making this a family friendly festival in the future – but right now the feedback we have had tells us the majority want us to keep this as an over 18’s only event. We hope parents can understand our decision and better yet embrace the opportunity to have a night or two off from parental duties and fully immerse themselves in the great party atmosphere of our festival.

  • Can I bring my own alcohol?

    Whilst you may bring a reasonable amount alcohol into the campsite to consume, there is strictly no alcohol allowed to be brought into the festival arena. We have had issues in the past of people of bringing excess alcohol into the campsite with the intention of selling, so we limit the amount of alcohol people can take into the campsite. Please do not bring more than a reasonable amount for personal consumption as excessive amounts may be confiscated by security.

    Strictly NO GLASS allowed and NO EXCESSIVE SPIRITS (beyond personal consumption).

  • Can I bring a camping chair into the festival arena?

    You are welcome to bring chairs into the arena area but not into the music marquees except for in exceptional circumstances). If you require a chair inside the marquees for disability purposes please speak to one of our stewards.

  • What time does the music start/finish?

    There will be music from 5pm til 1am on Thursday night. On Friday and Saturday there will be music from mid-morning until 4am.

  • What time will the headline acts be on?

    Each marquee will have a headline act and will differ to the times as to when they are on. The lineup schedules will be posted on our website and social media a few weeks prior to the event. We also have chalk boards outside each tent with the running orders of each day so any changes will be communicated that way.

  • What type of footwear/clothing should I wear?

    The festival arena may have some uneven ground surfaces, so please do wear appropriate sturdy footwear (no high heels or soft soles). We have had no real mud issues in previous years to date, but it would be wise to bring your wellies or alternative suitable waterproof boots (just incase). You should also bring a rain coat, sun screen and of course appropriate warm clothing (layer up!). Be prepared for all weather! It is a festival in England after all. But of course, don’t forget your fancy dress costume!

  • I work for the NHS / ( Emergency Services ), do I receive a discount ?

    Yes, all of our friends at the NHS and emergency services are entitled to a 10% discount when we reach FINAL RELEASE (full price tickets). These will be on sale nearer the time of the festival when all discount tiers have been reached. But to be clear NHS discounts only kicks in when we hit final release tickets and not before. NHS discounts are not valid on instalment tickets or parking tickets.

    The cheapest ticket for everyone is always to buy advance discount tickets!

    When we reach full price tickets, email us at with your NHS email and we will send you a code for the discount. Please note, orders using the code must be from a valid nhs email address or the tickets will be cancelled.


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