Stages Archive - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024


SHOREFIELDS It’s all about the good vibes, good times & epic anthems in our Shorefields Main Stage marquee. Fully loaded with feel-good acts, that will blow your socks off and have you dancing the weekend away… […]

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Viking Brew House

VIKING BREW HOUSE Rock on up to the Viking Brewhouse, for a serving of the infamous Lindisfarne Mead, the finest Northumbrian brews and the most funky and punky acts on the shore! Open early in the day until the early hours of the morning, expect dancing a-plenty and raucous merriment in abundance. […]

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Dingle Dell

THE DINGLE DELL Home to crack-pot comedians, psychedelic folksters, soulful songsters and tropical dancers. Experience electrifying rhythms, soaring vocals and lashings of laughter, as some of the finest acts from the forests and hills, grace the Dingle Dell stage with their enchanting presence at Lindisfarne Festival 2023… […]

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The Temple

THE TEMPLE Since ancient times these rituals have been performed, and as the moon completes her journey once more, the alignment is complete, and The Temple opens its sanctum to the faithful to come together in the dance. Our ceremonial masters will guide us through an experience like no other as mystics of the mic […]

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DUBSHACK Get ready for some sizzling pyro displays and warm beachy bass-lines, as a shipwrecked crew transplanted from a tropical island will be washing ashore at Lindisfarne Festival 2022, bringing with them their sweet reggae music from out of the ole shack! Grab yourself a rum and come shack out under the stars and sun […]

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Shanti Bee

SHANTI BEE   The Shanti Bee Healing Area this year at Lindisfarne is back with its chilled out spaces, a vegan cafe selling chai, cuppas,  and a range of tasty raw and baked cakes. For the Shanti Stage & DJ booth on Thursday night Shanti Residents will take over bringing you funky electronic sounds full […]

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The Altar

Pilgrims! We have heard your prayers and we are ready to deliver! Coming new this year to Lindisfarne is a stage that embraces the very essence of what we are: it is here to make your heart thump to the early hours. Pilgrims, we present The Altar! The Altar is a new, beautiful, bespoke made, […]

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The Crypt

 THE CRYPT In the darkness lies The Crypt, heavy with the scent of the dance. Hands reach out from beyond the rave to drag you back in. Can you resist? Why would you want to? There’s too much fun to be had in the shadows! Northern Embassy bring you The Crypt, bigger and bolder and […]

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