Volunteering | Volunteer at Lindisfarne Festival 2022
29th August -1st September 2024


Volunteering is a great way to become a vital part of the Lindisfarne Festival community. If you are interested in working in events, meeting some new people or want to enjoy the festival for free volunteering is a brilliant way to do all of these.

Each year this immersive world of ours continues to grow and evolve and we are looking for even more volunteers to make it all possible. We already have a really diverse group of volunteers and are open to volunteers of all
ages and abilities.

Volunteering roles

To volunteer at Lindisfarne Festival you don’t necessarily need to have worked on a festival before, but we do ask that you arrive willing and able to work with a big ‘I’m working at the best festival ever’ smile on your face.

If you’re interested here are some of the roles that you
can volunteer for:
● Build or creative crew involves helping us get the site ready for all our lovely festival-goers,
● backstage production, stage set up and arena management or other roles, let us know your skills.

As general stewards you will help us get the festival off to the best start whilst helping keep the locals happy:
● Directing traffic, parking cars, managing traffic build-up.
● accrediting our festival-goers, volunteer crew and artists.
● Monitoring our campsite and camper van area
● helping with queries and directions, monitoring any health and safety issues, helping with litter picking and keeping our site nice.

What’s the deal?

● Free entry to the festival with a volunteer wristband
● One meal voucher per shift.
● Camping space within a campsite situated a short walk from the car park.
● Free car parking onsite
● A free festival programme and onsite briefing
● Access to our volunteer welfare facility in the festival area, providing a place to chill out, grab a free cup of tea/ coffee, hang out and meet other volunteers, as well as free phone charging!
● Support from our head steward and production team, available from your arrival on site until the last volunteer shift is completed on the Sunday after the festival.
● Time off to enjoy the festival and explore the local area.
● The chance to make great friends and gain experience in one of the greatest festival environments on the planet.

What we ask from you

  • To be 18 or over on the day the festival starts.
  • To be available from the Thursday until Sunday of the festival (unless you are pre-festival build crew and takedown when you can come on-site from the Tuesday before)
  • To complete 3 x 6-hour volunteering shifts.
  • To abide by our volunteer code of conduct, and agree to our festival wide terms and conditions.
  • Act in a friendly manner, be helpful and polite when dealing with the public
  • Act and behave with maturity, honesty and be reliable
  • Be in good health and able to carry out your duties (this means not turning up intoxicated or you will forfeit your deposit)
decorative leaves
decorative leaves
  • When do I need to be available?

    Generally, we ask that stewarding volunteers are on-site by Thursday at noon ready to work, registration will be open from 10 am and you must attend one of our briefing sessions. This is when you will find out your shifts times. You will be allocated 3 x 6-hour shifts (or equivalent) between 2 pm on Thursday until Sunday 2 pm.

  • What will I be doing?

    As a Volunteer, you will find yourself stewarding during the event on either the campsites, venues or on the gates, and helping vehicles and members of the public get around the site and yes, litter picking….but don’t worry you won’t be cleaning toilets.

  • Do I need experience?

    You will be given a full briefing before you undertake your role, where you will learn everything you need to take on your role. If you’ve had previous experience of volunteering at festivals then your help is needed. But mainly we just ask that come to ready to embrace the full volunteering experience, and be part of our fun!

  • Do you need any supervisors?

    We are looking for volunteer supervisors to help manage our ever-growing volunteer team. If you have experience of supervising teams in your day job, at other events, or have previous voluntary experience and would like the chance to take on a bit more responsibility, please tick the management level box on your application and give us a short description of your experience in the box underneath. NB. We only have a small number of supervisory positions and letting us know does not guarantee a supervisory space.

  • Can I volunteer with Decor or helping with taking down the site?

    If you would like to volunteer on one of the decor teams or site builds you should still fill in our volunteer form and let us know your availability.  We would like you on site from Tuesday until the festival opens and be available on the Sunday and Monday after the festival for the site takedown. If you are build crew it is likely that you will get the main festival opening times free from volunteering roles but this cannot be guaranteed.

  • When do I find out when my shifts will be?

    You will be told your first shift when you arrive on-site to register. If you are the main stewarding crew and have not been allocated a shift with your friends we can look to swop shifts after our briefing meeting on Thursday or Friday

  • When do my shifts begin and end?

    We ask that you are able to arrive no later than 12 noon on Thursday in time for your briefings but we will hold other sessions for those that arrive later. Your 3 x 6-hour shifts will run between 2 pm on Thursday and possibly up to 2 pm on Sunday. If you’re arriving on-site later than this we will attempt to put you in shifts from the day you arrive but you may be asked to help with the cleanup and traffic on Sunday as festival-goers leave.

  • How late will I have to work?

    Although the main stages will be finished at 11pm, the main arena and some other tents will be open until late, we also have to make sure that the site and campsite are safe for all who attend. We will ask you to start one shift late in the evening or work till late to help us cover these roles.  If you are asked to work late we will ask you to turn up able to fulfil your role but we will make sure you get the appropriate amount of time off between shifts.

  • Can I still be a volunteer if I have to leave site on Sunday?

    Yes.. we still need volunteers to help us with the cleanup and traffic on Sunday, however, if you need to leave the site on Sunday let us know on your application and we can tailor your shifts.

  • Will I miss my favourite band or DJ?

    If you find that your shift is clashing with your favourite band or DJ, you may be able to swap your shifts with fellow stewards at the volunteer welfare tent, but this may not be possible. Full details of shift swapping will be given at your briefing.

  • How much does it cost?

    We are asking you to pay a deposit to secure your volunteer place at the festival. You will get this returned after you have completed your final shift (minus a £5 admin fee). If you have volunteered successfully with us before we will wave your deposit. 

    You will also need to pay for your travel to and from the event and any food or drinks bought on site.  On our Facebook pages, we will be helping you to set up car-sharing and travel buddies to and from the site.

    You will also need to bring any camping equipment, personal items, food, alcohol and other supplies you might need. During the festival opening times, we do have food vendors on site but it is wise to bring supplies and snacks to keep you going especially if you’re arriving on site early.

  • Why do I need to pay a deposit?

    In the last few years we have had people commit to coming to the festival but then not turn up, or turn up to shifts unable to work which has left us short-staffed. By paying a deposit we can cover some of the cost of having to find the staff at short notice as well as covering the admin time on processing your application.

  • Can I volunteer with my friend(s)?

    Yes, you can! We will do our best to accommodate friends volunteering together. Please let us know on the application form or email us on volunteers@lindisfarnefestival.com  if you have applied to volunteer at different times.

  • When will I find out if I have a volunteer role?

    We have send you this email confirming receipt of your application. we will asking you to pay your deposit and will send you a deposit link. Once we have confirmed receipt of deposit and processed your application your place is confirmed.  

  • I'd like to talk to someone about volunteering, is there a number to call?

    If you have any questions about volunteering with us before we get on site please feel free to email us volunteers@lindisfarnefestival.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

    We will have a mobile phone number that you can call if you have any questions when on-site, and the number will be given to you in your volunteer briefing pack.

  • Can I wear fancy-dress on my shift?

    YES! Everything is better in fancy dress. Just make sure you wear your hi-vis over the top of your fancy dress! 

    Any more questions? Email us at volunteers@lindisfarnefestival.com

decorative leaves
decorative leaves