Green Policy - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Green Policy

We are committed to reducing the impact of the event on the wider world, and most importantly, on those who call this wonderful area their home. We have been blessed with a beautiful music festival location, but unfortunately, our event site doesn’t exist inside a bubble. We therefore ask that all festivalgoers, artists and traders alike, abide by our Green Policy and are respectful to both our surroundings and our neighbours (human and wild!)


When you plan your route to the Lindisfarne Festival, please take a moment to consider the environment. If you are driving to the festival, fill your car (with people, not just beer). If you can’t travel with old friends, travel with new ones! Find fellow festivalgoers to car share with on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Remember that you can reach the festival by bus or train too. Our FREE festival bus will run to & from the festival site from Berwick Train Station on Friday & Sunday.


If you wouldn’t drop it on the floor in your garden at home, don’t drop it at our festival. No one wants to live or play in a field full of rubbish.

There will be waste bins and recycling points placed throughout Lindisfarne festival arena and the campsite, so please use them!!! It’s no-one’s idea of fun to spend the week after the festival picking litter from the ground. And we certainly wouldn’t want to upset the wildlife or the residents either.

We need EVERYBODY to help us with this mission. If you have a messy neighbour, speak up and help them see the error of their ways. If everybody does his or her bit – it really will make all the difference. We are truly thankful to the powers that be who have allowed us to stage the Lindisfarne Festival within such a beautiful location. If you’d like to join us in 2019, please ensure you stick to the rules – so we can all return again next year.


Please remove all unnecessary packaging from things you are bringing to our festival site. This includes plastic can rings, boxes and all other general packaging. It’s amazing how a box of wine can double up as a travel pillow without the excess cardboard bulk! The less stuff you bring, the less you will need to take, carry and throw away. Reducing the amount of packaging that everyone brings to the site will reduce our waste bill, which means we can spend more money on lovely things for all of you lovely people to enjoy.


It is our mission to leave the site without leaving a physical trace of us ever being there. To do so, we need your help. All that you bring with you, please take home, along with the wonderful memories of your amazing weekend at Lindisfarne Festival.

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