Dog Policy | Lindisfarne Festival
3rd-6th September 2020

Dog Policy

Lindisfarne Festival is a dog friendly festival! We welcome well behaved pooches with open arms, provided they bring with them well behaved owners – who fully respect our land, our facilities and above all else other festival goers.

If you are planning to bring your four-legged friend to the festival, you must purchase a Dog Ticket and agree abide by the following regulations at all times:

  • Dogs are strictly NOT allowed in the music marquees (unless they are authorised assistance dogs). They must ALWAYS be kept in control and on short leads (under 1.5m) at ALL times during the festival and in our campsite.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to pick up after your dog and adhere to the Festival’s dog policy as well as abide by the law. YOU will be responsible for any damage/mess caused by your dog whilst on site at Lindisfarne Festival. Failure to comply with our dog policy may result in you and your dog being asked to leave the festival. Under such circumstances, NO refunds will be given.
  • Please be considerate to others – it’s hard to believe, but not all people love dogs like we do! If your dog’s temperament can sometimes be a cause for concern, carefully consider whether bringing them to the festival is the best decision.
  • Please also do ask yourself whether bringing your dog to the festival is right for them. There will be loud music, potentially rowdy crowds and whilst some dogs may love the action and lap up the attention, others may prefer to stay snuggled up at home.

Remember, Lindisfarne Festival is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the Northumberland coast, please take sometime to read this leaflet to remind yourself and familiarise yourself with The Laws and regulations, which apply not only around the coast but at our festival too!

If you do decide to bring your dog to Lindisfarne Festival, you must accept that you have read and understand our dog policy by purchasing a £10 Dog Ticket. Profits received from Dog Tickets will be donated to a local dog charity (tbc).

Please purchase your dog ticket in advance of the festival.

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