Urban Jedi - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Urban Jedi | The Crypt stage

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Urban Jedi, first started playing vinyl in 1988 round his mate’s house dropping Electro and
Hip-Hop vinyl for bedroom mixes and learning his trade. Taking the bus into Newcastle to visit Hitsville and Volume Records became his main places to pick up his beats. Within a year, he was playing out at his own events at local club, Tojos in Stanley. The Rave scene came along and in 1991 he started dropping the latest old skool tunes to packed out crowds over the next year and was soon asked to DJ in Newcastle including the legendary club ‘Liberties’.

He moved in 1993 to Oxford for work and soon got caught up with the underground scene in the majestic city of dreaming spiers. He began playing at The Zodiac, The Pink House and The Coven. Life and work got in the way for a few years then in 2003, he bought a Korg MS2000B synth & Korg Electribe ER1 and started to create his own tracks. Itching the scratch he had had for a few years, production was definitely the path he wanted to go down.  In 2011, he released his Nu-Electro music, and the response was fantastic, the songs were soon chosen by Binalog Productions and placed on a compilation.

N-Ter and the Cro-bot Crew also picked Urban Jedi’s tracks for various compilations, and they became well renowned in the Electro scene.
Working with Diamond Back Kid, they co-released an EP called ‘The Disconnect EP’ in 2013. He also had clear vinyl copies pressed up of the now hard to find and sought-after Urban Jedi v Leeroy ‘The Droids You’re Looking For’ EP.  Highlights of his producing work was when his track ‘Journey To Jupiter’ was released on the French label Melodies Souterraines and got played on a Radio 1 Essential Mix by Electro DJ Helena Hauff.

As Mike’s production confidence grew, he approached Dave Clarke on his White Noise Show and he’s now had his songs played several times over the years on the show.
His Jedi Mind Trax show has been on Global Funk Radio since 2010 and on Method Radio since 2020 and is a staple monthly show for all Electro heads.


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