Smoove & Turrell - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Smoove & Turrell | Shorefields stage

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The story of Smoove & Turrell began in the post millennium North East of England with a group of working class lads and a shared passion for soul. Smoove had met keyboardist Mike Porter through the local music scene in Newcastle and recruited him for his ‘Smoove Live’ project for the label Acid Jazz. Around Mike’s house one day they overheard a neighbour singing sublime melodies in his garage with friends which turned out to be none other than a young John Turrell practising in a band called ‘The Stevies’. After a couple of further sessions ‘scouting’ him they finally knocked on the door and had a chat and hit it off straight away.

They have released six studio albums: Antique Soul (Jalapeno Records, 2009), Eccentric Audio (Jalapeno Records, 2011), Broken Toys (Jalapeno Records, 2014), Crown Posada (Jalapeno Records, 2016), Mount Pleasant (Jalapeno Records, 2018) and Stratos Bleu (Jalapeno Records, 2020).


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