Not Now Norman - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Not Now Norman | Shorefields stage

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The band that your earholes aren’t ready for

Delivering Hard Rock with a strong message in every track. Taylor-Grace commands the front, belting her lungs out to Zander Browns relentless riffs. Having disabilities since childhood, Taylor-Grace took the decision to turn her pain into power and to the stage. Initially a duo, they are supported by Julie Plunkett on bass and Craig Scott on drums.

Fiercely independent – Not Now Norman are at the helm of everything, from their sound to their image. Over the years since their formation, they’ve interacted daily with their fans – creating a strong, loyal fanbase that grows by the day. 

With their new album ‘Its Not This One’ released in November, Not Now Normans name is set to spread even further. Over the years they have supported several bands including Follow Deep, Scott Cavanagh, LoGoZ and played many venues such as RISE, Trillians, Bannermans and NE Volume – building a solid reputation musically with a huge stage presence to match.

Taking 2nd place at NE Volumes ‘Battle of the Bands 2022’, Not Now Norman have had several airplays on BBC Introducing in the North East, TotalRock Radio, Planet Rock and Amazing Radio. Not Now Norman have appeared at several festivals in 2022 including Lindisfarne Fest  2022 at ‘The Viking Brewery Tent’ before being asked back later that weekend to play on the Main Stage.

You can buy Not Now Norman debut album and merchandise on their BandCamp, or you can listen to their music on all music streaming platforms.


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