Mudfoot Blaps - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Mudfoot Blaps | The Temple stage

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Mudfoot Blaps has been spinning wax since 92, after falling in love with breakbeat rave and heavy basslines, he has followed the progression of the break closely, even leading the way up North sometimes! By 1996 Mudfoot (then DJ Sandy) joined the OCP collective with Hidden Agenda (Metalheadz) and DJ Seven (Reinforced Records) rollin’ the D’n’B vibe to a blossoming Newcastle upon Tyne scene and performing alongside DJs Grooverider, Ed Rush and many others.

Mudfoot never stopped playing the rave vibez, and is well respected up North as one of the old skool, rollin’ selections out at all the big raves. The GMC crew has expanded and Mudfoot can be caught rockin’ a party with the Berlin family in Germany and even as far away as Brazil. As happy with a spraycan in his hand, Mudfoot is sure to leave his mark!!


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