Mrs Magoo - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Mrs Magoo | The Temple stage

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As people who don’t listen to lyrics properly tell us, jungle is massive.

Jungle’s certainly been massive in the history of underground music. And it’s even been massive several times in the mainstream, according to the whims of fashion and cool.

For award-winning artist Mrs Magoo, though, the massiveness of jungle has never been in doubt. Whether influencers are telling her it’s on trend or not, she’s been flying the flag for that foundation style ever since she first appeared on the scene. And she’s made quite an impression.

Growing up on the central belt of Scotland, Mrs Magoo’s musical tastes were shaped by all kinds of genres, including hip hop, rock and – influenced by her dad’s tape pack collection – happy hardcore. So, when she discovered the multi-cultural, old-made-new-again ethos of jungle, combined with the bass-weight and rave-hyping energy, it ticked all the boxes. So, as is her way, she threw herself into the music with unrestrained enthusiasm.

Learning to deejay, then to produce, Mrs Magoo has already chalked up many major career milestones, but her passion for the music means she’s never rested on past glories and taken her eye off what’s next. She’s toured internationally multiple times, she’s scored prestige bookings like Glastonbury and Boomtown, and is always in the conversation when it comes to Best Female DJ or Best Jungle DJ (of any gender) awards. In a scene that’s historically been dominated by men, Mrs Magoo has become an inspirational trailblazer for other young women to follow.

No wonder legends of the game are queuing up to co-sign her. She’s had releases on elite contemporary jungle labels like Deep in the Jungle and Audio Addict, with many more to come. She’s played for all of the biggest jungle-focused promoters in the country as well as all of the most prestigious DnB radio stations and streams. She’s regularly rolled out back to back with pioneers like Kenny Ken and Nicky Blackmarket. And what’s driven it all is pure unbridled love for the music and the ambition to be the best possible version of herself as an artist.

As she said in a 2019 interview with UKF, “I get so much joy out of mixing and finding those magic combinations. I don’t know why people wouldn’t practice? I have to practice. I want to know that I can bring something special to my gigs. I wouldn’t feel right not practicing and being my best!”

If you want to see a real, dedicated junglist at work; someone motivated by pure passion for the music, who can tear the roof off a dance at a moment’s notice, get to know about Mrs Magoo.


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