Mighty Vipers - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Mighty Vipers | Viking Brew House stage

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Mighty Vipers engine is fired within the belly of the industrial north, where brass band culture meets the ethics of DIY punk rock driven forward with a reggae-inspired groove. An eighteen-legged beast where everyone is welcome and all are unified in a sea of sweat, smiles and celebration.

While the Mighty Vipers hip-shaking grooves are aimed directly at the dance floor their lyrics are fiercely political. Often cited as more punk than punk, they refuse to be pigeonholed by genre or association. Instead it’s all about an attitude of inclusivity; and live performances are all about getting the crowd in on the action.

Like a steamroller of sound; smashing you round the face with a wet kipper while you make your best sex face, their live show is where they’re suited best, creating a unified sea of sweat, smiles and celebration onstage and off. It’s that infectious energy that has seen the band perform on the main stages of Boomtown Fair, Beathearder and four tours across Europe.


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