Golden Shields - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Golden Shields | The Crypt stage

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Artist Name: Golden Shields (AKA Solid State Survivor)

Collaborators since the late 1990’s, Suade Bergemann &amp; Steven Legget are both highly selective in their releases, avoiding the low hanging fruit in the creative process with experimentation and attention to detail at the core of their work.

Their beautifully detailed and delicate compositions combine Legget’s microscopic sample explorations of acoustic instruments and field recordings using complex effects chains and Suade’s extensive knowledge of sound synthesis, music theory and technological production with a structured musicality that shapes their explorative cinematic soundscapes.

Long-term residents of the Freerotation festival the duos live performances involve combining live analogue synthesis and intricate sample manipulation to produce emotive cinematic sonic experiences.

Golden Shields started collaborating during the pandemic lockdown with an audio ‘pass the parcel’ over the ether and are now ingrained physically in the studio together in the completion stages of their next vinyl double LP as well as future releases for Ali Wade’s Frequency Domain label.

Legget’s critically acclaimed LP Bathhouse featured collaborations with Suade, Laura Reid and Mark Hand, Released on the seminal Firecracker imprint in 2017, it received critical acclaim worldwide and was often played by the likes of Andrew Weatherall (RIP).

Suade, in addition to producing collaborative work with Keith Tenniswood and Magda, is a highly respected professional mix and mastering engineer with an extensive formal musical education.

With Golden Shields concentrating on ambient experimental productions, the duo also bring their talents to rhythmic productions and remixes under their alter ego moniker – Solid State Survivor with a recent release on the Freerotation label compilation in aid of the people of Ukraine.

Between them they have released on Firecracker, R&amp;S, Apollo, Claremont 56, Of Paradise, Khoikoi, Adapted Vinyl, Testing Out, Join Our Club, Clear, Universal Vibes, 22- Digital, Bomb-A- Groove, Analogue Dust and Freerotation to name a few.


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