CHAMELEON LADY - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

CHAMELEON LADY | Shorefields stage

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CHAMELEON LADY are a Scottish band comprising of creative multi-instrumentalists and extraordinary vocalists.

The band members are all related, and this is usually of interest to the press. If we start with founding member Cameron, we have his brother Tom, then Tom’s partner Caitlin, then there’s Caitlin’s dad (ex pro session player) Kenny, her wee brother Robbie, and their cousin Michael. There are six different ways of explaining this line-up, but for now we’ll leave it at that.

A period of development topk place as CHAMELEON LADY experimented as songwriters, performers and producers. As a live band, they got their act together by playing music bars, soon becoming match-fit for festivals around Scotland and France, as well as self-promoted sell-out gigs in response to their growing fan base. Pre Pandemic, the band appeared on the same festival bills as The Darkness, The Noisettes and supported Skerryvore at the Tivoli Theatre in Aberdeen at Hogmanay 2019.

During lockdown, CHAMELEON LADY began writing their newest material. At the first opportunity, the band got in the same room, refined, arranged and recorded this lockdown inspired material and released it as an EP called ’11 Waverley Road’. The band has received a great reception to their fresh sound with online streams and energetic audiences at live performances.

Since then CHAMELEON LADY have gone on to support the likes of Keywest, played a set at the world famous Usher Hall in Edinburgh, been on festival bills all over Scotland, featured on BBC Scotland’s Afternoon Show with Grant Stott which involved a entertaining interview and a live session and they have continued to sell out their self promoted shows.


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