Bass Generator - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Bass Generator | The Temple stage

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Bass generator is a Dj and producer from Newcastle (U.K.).
He started Dj’ing in 1987 and went on to become the resident Dj at the legendary “Rezerection” rave events. Hugely revered in Scotland and the north of England, known as one of the busiest and most popular Dj’s of the 90’s playing at over 1500 events around the world. Widely credited as the main Dj who championed the “Bouncy Techno” sound to the northern U.K. ravers. Owner of “Bass Generator Records” the label and also ran his own specialist dance music record shops in both Edinburgh and his hometown of Newcastle. He also promoted the Judgement Day rave events across the north of England and Scotland.


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