2023 Archives - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Ostar Sound

Ostar Sound is electronic infused folk & world music for the dancefloor. Expect heavy breakdowns and dirty synths, fierce fiddle, guitar and saxophone, and big bass lines to get you dancing. Musically led by UK folk artists Ross Hull and Nicky Kirk, member of award-winning international folk band Eabhal and pioneering trad-dub collective An Dannsa […]

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Darren Trunks

International Superstar Darren Trunks is a legend on the circuit, he’s just finished a residency at Edinburgh Zoo where he played exclusively for penguins. Expect an eclectic mix of breakbeat, jungle, dubstep, tv themes and 1980’s advert jingles. A regular at Buckingham Palace garden parties, he has made a name as Britain’s 103rd most influential […]

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The Sound Priestess

The Sound Priestess is a Glasgow based multi-instrumental artis, gong master and a certified sound therapist. They create dreamy auditory experiences that take the audience into a deeply relaxing state. Sound priestess has been performing in both alternative venues as well as some of Scotland’s festivals. They also run monthly sound baths and a range […]

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Muli Beats

MuLi Beats is a DJ and production duo (Craig & Emma) who have been spinning tracks and making tunes together for the last 15 years. ‘MuLi Beats’ is inspired by their love of multilingual electronic dance music and world rhythms. They like nothing better than playing interesting and exotic sounds that take you away to […]

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Live Electronic Duo from the North East. Shanti Bee regulars and Lindisfarne Festival Mainstays. Delivering unique psychedelic dance vibez. Never to be missed. […]

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Francesca Traxx

Born in Newcastle, Francesca Traxx has made a name for herself after making her club debut back in 2021. She has since supported the likes of Prospa, Krystal Klear, Mark Blair and Salute, whilst playing in the best venues in the city. She mainly focuses on uplifting old school house whilst also shelling some breaks […]

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After last years set for Shanti Bee, Munsen is delighted to be back, bringing his passion and music selections to Lindisfarne. With over 20 years on the decks, playing at parties across the globe, Munsen has crafted his skills mixing a variety of genres into his sets. In the last 2 years his Balearic Beats […]

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Amateur Cult

Based along the Firth of Forth coast, Amateur Cult has created a unique take on post punk andelectronica, embracing stark atmospherics, emphatic darkwave rhythms and retro synthssoundscapes referencing artists from Jonny Greenwood, Boards of Canada, Crack Cloud andBjork, to the documentaries of Adam Curtis.Created as a solo DIY project by Alastair Chivers, Amateur Cult released […]

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Minerva Wakes

Minerva’s Wakes make dark, juicy triphop with a twist of glitchy psychedelia. Primal electro bass tones move with strong beats creating a powerful backdrop to hauntingly entwined melodic vocal harmonies. Lush synths are gripped by a glint of dubstep as Minerva slowly awakens. Debut album ‘Mirrored Moon’ was launched in 2021 on Traffic Cone Records […]

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