Firewalking & Fire Shows – Lindisfarne Festival

Firewalking & Fire Shows

Can you handle the heat?!


Dive deep, fly high and set your 'soles' on fire in a transformational fire-walking experience at Lindisfarne Festival 2019!

They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone and we can't think of a more thrilling way to push those boundaries than leaping through this fiery challenge under the expert guidance of Logi Firewalking.

In today’s world, fire-walking is a powerful metaphor for facing your fears and self-limiting beliefs. To walk the fire is the most thrilling journey of inspiration and empowerment that you will ever embark on.

Explore the possibilities which are only one step beyond your fears, as you walk barefoot over a bed of hot coals!

Once you are touched by the light there is no going back...



Be part of the history...

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