Conspiracy Corner – Lindisfarne Festival

Conspiracy Corner

Get your tinfoil hat ready and join us for some conspiracy theory themed madness...


Hosted by Donald Jenkins and Micky C...

Cutty Bang Cabaret Show

A manifestation of the discordian society, an actualisation of the enemy within. It’s a constant game with no right or wrong answers, its dada, its fluxus, its wonderism and pataphysics and none of these. ‘Too much to take in, my favourite things: Malcolm Hardee, Discordianism, Teesside all rolled into one Vic and Bob style anarchy fest. I feel like I’m dreaming' Jack Gardner - Silly Billies Comedy Club

Easy Gee's Conspiracy Quiz

So you think you know about conspiracy theories? Come and test your knowledge in the audience participation game show you won’t see on the BBC: Easy Gee’s Conspiracy Quiz. Guess the question that Easy Gee wants answered and win prizes! With music from Professor Steve Brown’s mighty synth-organ and the delightful Marnie as your quizmaster's assistant.

Scott Andrew Brass

Mad songwriter with mad songs. Rose to infamy with his internet video ‘I know where Madeline McCann is’.



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