Safety & Security - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Safety & Security

The priority of the Lindisfarne festival is the safety and welfare of all attendees. Lindisfarne Festival intends to be a safe, peaceful and enjoyable event. Crime, of any description, will not be tolerated. Security staff and stewards will be patrolling the site for crime prevention purposes.

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  • Personal Safety

    Stay within the designated festival areas. Do NOT wander off onto adjacent land.

    Stay off the causeway!!! It is very dangerous!!

    Report anyone you think is acting suspiciously or aggressively to stewards.

    Arrange a meeting point with your friends if you get split up from each other, so you know where to head to.

    We know you want to have a drink or two, but do consider that drinking to excess can leave you vulnerable. Please look after yourselves and look out for each other.

    If you want to go over to Holy Island, please do not walk and make sure you check the tide times first. Holy Island is a tidal island and if you do not pay attention to the safe crossing times you will find yourself in a life-threatening situation.

    Please be sensible and don’t take unnecessary risks.

  • Property

    Lock and empty your vehicles. Leave the glove compartment open and conspicuously empty.

    Look after your belongings – make sure you keep your mobile, iPod and wallet/ purse safe and out of sight. Do not leave valuable items on display in your car or tent.

    If you have a Smartphone, activate the ‘find my phone’ app or similar. Make sure you keep a note of any usernames or passwords.

    Set up camp with friends, and make friends with your neighbours. Look out for each other’s property.

    Mark your property: clearly label your gear (including your tent) with your postcode. Obvious indelible markings will significantly reduce the risk of things being stolen and will increase the chance of their return if found. Tag your keys with a phone number and a friend’s address.

    Take any valuables – including prescription medication – with you when you leave your tent.

    Don’t keep all your cash and valuables in the same place: spread them around in different pockets.

  • Electrical Storms

    During the festival, we will be constantly be monitoring the festival site and the surrounding weather conditions and have procedures in place for evacuation.

    If we detect the potential of lightning strikes in the locality, we will suspend the activities within the festival site immediately. Announcements will be made in each marquee asking people to evacuate in an orderly manner. Security staff, festival staff and volunteers will aid you during the evacuation.
    The safest place to be during an electrical storm is inside a motor vehicle. In the event of an evacuation please return to your vehicle, keeping windows closed and hands and feet away from metal parts of the car including the car body. Please note that convertible cars are not suitable refuge points and should not be used.

    Please do not start your car engine. In order to reduce the risk of collisions between pedestrians and vehicles during an evacuation, vehicles shall not be allowed to move or leave the site.

    If you are unable to take refuge in a motor vehicle we recommend that you return to your tents, the advice is to leave your shoes on, crouch down and make yourself small on an insulated surface such as a sleeping mat or backpack, without placing your hands on the ground for support. Do not touch the sides of the tents or the tent poles.

    The festival site will not re-open until a minimum of 45 minutes since the last sound of thunder and our lighting detection equipment has indicated that the storm has passed more than 15 miles from the site. We will use our PA systems to communicate appropriate messages and updates.

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