Fancy Dress – Lindisfarne Festival


A raucious viking, a reigning king or a raving queen...
Which will you be at Lindisfarne Festival 2019?

At Lindisfarne Festival we take any excuse to have a good party!
And one of the best ways to fully let your inhibitions go is to get your glad rags on by dressing up!

***This year's theme is Vi-Kings and Queens!***
Not just a nifty play on words, but also a whole range of costume ideas rolled in to one awesome theme...

Maybe you want to channel your inner 70's rock god and come as Brian May (obvs. of Queen right)?
Or perhaps you're bringing your corgi, love gin, and have a thing for older men (so to speak)... Good ole Queen Lizzie it is for you!
Watch Game of Thrones, and want to proudly wear the crown of your enemies all weekend? well "there's no cure for being a c..."
Or perhaps you're still traumatised by Mufasa's death and want to come as Simba in homage?

Basically, however tenuous it is, that's fine. And if you can't think of anything else, grow a beard and don a little viking hat!
Trust us, you'll be the odd one out if you don't dress up.


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