The Drag Show  - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

The Drag Show  | Shorefields stage

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We are nothing short of delighted to introduce you to our drag troupe from the toon! ‘The Drag Show’ is composed of a handpicked selection of the finest performers, each bringing their own experimental style and flair. Our queens have been performing in the local area (some even as far as the states!) for many years and have built up a loyal royal following. We pride ourselves on giving a high-energy, entertaining 50 minute show packed with everything from expert comedy lip-sync performances, to heart-wrenching ballads that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Specialising in performing at festivals and nightclubs, their performances are always full of colour and avant-garde vaudevillian energy that can only come from growing up working class, queer, and northern.

Alternative drag is becoming more and more popular in Newcastle, and it’s having an incredible impact on the culture and diversity of the city. It’s a type of performance art that celebrates gender identity and expression, and brings a whole new level of creativity to the area.

Our troupe includes drag performers that are pushing the boundaries of traditional drag such as pioneer ‘Venus Dimilo’ , the bold and hilarious ‘Latrine Lurka’, our smooth talking bearded housewife ‘The Velvet Snatch’, opulent and visually enchanting ‘Opium’, the sex icon and legend herself ‘Sunday’, the better Whitney ‘Whitney Bae’, and not to mention our beloved ‘Orla Diss’ and professional disaster ‘Travisty’. 

Together they’re creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere for everyone, using the stage to express themselves in ways that are unique and unforgettably exciting, inspiring people from all walks of life to create an atmosphere of love and embrace their true selves.

‘The Drag Show’ is also helping to foster a sense of community. This family of performers are coming together to create a safe and supportive environment, and helping to break down barriers between different groups of people. The impact of alternative drag in Newcastle is undeniable, and it’s bringing a whole new level of diversity and acceptance. Come and see The Drag Show.


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