Sheba Q - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Sheba Q | The Temple stage

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Sheba Q wants you to know that Jungle is the mother of Grime and the sister of Hip-Hop when she steps up to the turntables. Alongside being a jungle enthusiast, both new and old, she always draws for an eclectic selection, showcasing the true versatility the music has to offer.

When Sheba Q steps up to the turntables, she brings a deep level of knowledge and understanding to her performance with song selections that only a true music fanatic could display.

Sheba Q has come a long way, having produced and released tracks with Coco Bryce, Double O and her own EP with No Nation. Notable performances include Keep Hush, Boiler Room, Rupture, Outlook Festival, Distant Planet, Headspace, Queer Rave, Floorless, Materials, Planet Wax, Black Artist Database, Unorthodox, DJ Mag, Late Night Shopper, Hoots TV, Rudeboys and Rollups and much more.

Recently, Sheba Q has been nominated for DJ Mag’s Breakthrough DJ 2021.


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