Beyonders - Lindisfarne Festival
29th August -1st September 2024

Beyonders | The Temple stage

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Beyonders was the brainchild of Jason and Mark Goodings of 90’s pioneering breaks and drum and bass duo Hidden Agenda. The pair caught the attention of several pioneers in the mid 90’s with their unique production style; fusing Jazz & Funk rythms within the emerging breakbeat, drum & bass context. The duo cemented their position in the underground scene with a string of iconic ground breaking releases on Goldie’s ‘Metalheadz’ imprint, Fabio’s ‘Creative Source’ and ‘Dispatch Recordings’ founded by Jason amongst many others. Hidden Agenda were consistently innovative and were marked, above all, by a refusal to be constrained within the blueprint which they helped to create. The sense of musical progression and experimentation was a constant, leading to the genesis of a ‘The Beyonders’ project. Initially a construct which granted the brothers the freedom of anonymity alongside the musical freedom to explore alternative avenues, the project remained unrealised at the time of Mark’s tragically premature passing in 2016. After a few years of reflection and creative hiatus and with the addition of new protagonists; James Hadfield (Accomplished DJ and producer; one half of ‘Lizards’ (Futureboogie, Not An Animal, Leng) as well as multiple solo releases (Me Me Me, To Rack and Ruin); Mal Sharp (a multi-instrumentalist and formerly one third of Craggz & Parallel Forces) and more recently Nick Grimes (Session musician and founding member of The Psychedelic Breakfast, Indria, Carpus Trio and The Din), the Beyonders collective has begun to take shape once again. The result is a confidently layered, beat-driven collective that hopes will “help to move us beyond these current times.” In defiance of the isolation of the last two years across the world, Beyonders took the opportunity to bring artists together, from collaborating with vocalist, Holly Flo Lightly, to a global sticker campaign, initiated through Jimi’s graffiti painting past. Early support for the project from Luke Una, Man Power, Marc 4hero and Goldie see’s this project moving towards the light with soul and a cataclysmic array of talent. The ethos of Beyonders has not wavered and has stayed true to the former direction, and will not be bound by or pigeonholed; Beyonders is beyond genre.


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