Laughter Yoga with Keith


Keith Adams is a Laughter Yoga Teacher with ten year's experience, working mostly in the North of England and the Borders. Clients include corporations, public bodies, charities and festivals. Keith's workshops are always packed and he's been part of the festival since the very beginning.

Laughter Yoga was created by medical doctor Madan Kataria in 1995. Dr Kataria realized that it’s the ha-ha-ha that releases endorphins, not humour. Describing Laughter Yoga as a combined effect from breathing, stretching with forced laughter - and of course it soon becomes contagious really quickly! At last years festival Keith had 70 people laughing for a good hour!

Laughter Yoga is a fun exercise that gets you laughing without jokes and comedy, you feel so good that  the stress hormone cortisol, is reduced, and it releases feel good hormones related to happiness, warmth, bonding and tolerance.

Natural born poet prodigy who raise eyebrows with with her Hip-hop fu

sed word play.