Contact Juggling with The Magic Ball Man

The Magic Ball Man or Steve Bullen to his friends, is one of the more recognisable of Yorks performers. With contact juggling the ball is always in touch with some part of his body: the palm of his hand, the tips of his fingers, and the outstretched underside of his arm.

After years of juggling three - five balls and clubs (and falling off uni cycles) The Magic Ball Man discovered contact juggling and was hooked! This has seen him perform on the streets of York and around Europe for the past two years and he wouldn't have it any other way! The closest thing you will see to real magic that literally stops the whole street in their tracks and and brings amazement and wonder from both young and old.

"It is all about timing, and when I͛m doing it well, it is almost like meditation. You become one with the ball: it is almost as though it is floating itself. It is a truly magical act, although there is no true magic involved. It involves a lot of balance and hours of practice!" - The Magic Ball Man

Natural born poet prodigy who raise eyebrows with with her Hip-hop fu

sed word play.