Fat Hippo


It all started with their rustic Burger Bar made from reclaimed wood, the trusty Burger Bar let Fat Hippo venture into the world of outdoor catering back in 2013. Since then we’ve brought a freshly grilled mouthful of the good kind of gluttony to foodie events and private parties all over the country.

Their impressive 10ft Shipping Container isn’t your typical kind of takeaway van either. Its industrial but stylish feel (complete with Edison bulbs) make it great for catering to events where you need a bit of impact. Since joining the Fleet, our Shipping Container has proven to be a popular pop-up restaurant in its own right.

 A recent addition to the fleet is the adopted vintage Chevy, ths has come all the way from the US to join the Fat Hippo Fleet. Since making its debut, it has already proving a popular member of the family. A proper burger truck for proper dirty burgers, our Chevy Kurbmaster is the perfect vehicle for serving up our good-old-fashion-get-it-all-over-your-face food.

They will be joining us this year at Lindisfarne - keep your eye out for one of the fleet!