Corporate Insurance Solutions

Established in 1991. Corporate Insurance Solutions have been offering free insurance quotations and insurance assistance to business for over 25 years!

Always there to assist with any commercial enquiry, they are committed to providing the highest possible level of service and provide insurance for all trades including: Entertainment, Leisure, Hotel, Shops, Offices, Engineers, Contractors & more. Corporate Insurance Solutions are consultants for a range of events including Lindisfarne Festival as well as larger festivals run by global brands with attendances of 150,000.

With access to a number of high-risk liability insurers, including Lloyds, Corporate Insurance Solutions can arrange bespoke insurance for your event or leisure business. They insure acts, bands, DJ’s Festivals, Fetes Amusements, Fairs and anything associated with the entertainment industry.

No matter what your event, you must ensure that you are covered for all eventualities, including cancellation due to weather, abandonment, Non Appearance of an act, band or artist, hiring of equipment and liability.

Corporate Insurance Solutions have Lindisfarne Festival covered! The team are proud supporters of our event and will be joining us for a weekend like no other this summer. Why don't you come and join us too!

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