Alnwick Rum

'The Legendary' Alnwick Rum is based on a unique old recipe first produced in Alnwick Brewery Co. over 90 years ago. Lost for over 20 years, the recipe for this distinguished dark rum was rediscovered by Ian Linsley of Alnwick, son of the last Managing Director of the Alnwick Brewing Co.

The resurrected company is still based in Alnwick and is searching for replacement premises after the old brewery was demolished, despite its listed status, in the 1980s. Development of the new Brewery and Distillery in Alnwick will allow the blending and bottling of Alnwick Rum to finally return to Northumberland. Until then the aged Guyanan and Jamaican rums which give Alnwick Rum its distinctive full round character are expertly blended in Holland and the resulting Alnwick-approved blend bottled in Scotland. Allowing the legend to live on!

Alnwick Rum will be serving up some incredible rum cocktails and drinks at Lindisfarne Festival this summer! Come grab yourself a drink and dance with us under the stars...



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