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We Made the UK Festival Awards Shortlist!

Danielle Young by

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us! You guys truly rock!!!

We're so happy to be one of the finalists for the Grass Roots Festival Award - a very special national award which recognises 'the courage, commitment and often personal sacrifice invested by their organisers but also celebrates their dedication to retain the authenticity of their festival brand keeping them close to their original roots, supporting local communities and new music, whilst maintaining an independent spirit and resisting commercial saturation'.


The Making of Lindisfarne Festival

Conleth Maenpaa by

As one of seven brothers and sisters, growing up in the Maenpaa household was certainly far from dull. My dad was from America and my mum from County Kildare in Ireland but we spent most of our childhood growing up in a remote part of Cambridgeshire. We lived out in the sticks as they say but we created our own fun and I grew up in a house that hosted plenty of get-togethers and parties. We are a very sociable family and I guess that’s where my love of getting people together and having fun all stems from really.

In 1993 I discovered the wonders of the North East and came to study economics at Northumbria University. Was I academic? Not overly, but I loved my time living in Newcastle, going out and enjoying the music scene; it’s a fantastic region with great people. Little did I know then that one day I’d be back living here and launching a brand new music festival.

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