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1 WEEK TODAY we open the gates to Lindisfarne Festival 2017!!! If like us, you just can't wait to get back to Beal Farm for what is set to be the most incredible weekend of the year (possibly your life), then join us now on a little trip down memory lane as we take a look back at the highlights of our 2015 & 2016 festivals. 



As far as first-time festivals go, we think Lindisfarne Festival 2015 knocked it out of the park (or should I say field). But oh how far we've come since that first little jaunt to Beal Farm... 


Following on from a great first year (which landed us a spot on the shortlist as the UK's Best New Festival), Lindisfarne Festival 2016 truly exceeded all expectations and picked us up another 3 nominations in the UK Festival Awards. Now we're not ones to blow our own trumpet (oh ok, maybe just a little), but hey - we definitely earned that 'Best Toilets' nomination and we think we were hard done by not to walk away with that Best Small Festival title last year.

2016 was pretty damn magical and it is going to be rather hard to top. But mark our words... WE WILL DO IT! Oh yes, this year we've pulled out ALL the stops to make sure that 2017 is our biggest and bestest festival yet! We've had an incredible team working all year round - literally pouring in blood, sweat & tears to make this year's festival something that will literally BLOW YOUR MIND!

Beyond our brilliant lineup, we've got some wonderful new venues and features ready to dazzle and delight. So get ready to be wowed! The build is underway and this time next week we'll be just about ready to welcome all your beautiful faces back to Beal Farm for what is not only going to be the best Lindisfarne Festival ever - but THE BEST FESTIVAL EVER TO HIT THE NORTH EAST!

This one is undoubtably gonna earn Northumberland the UK's Best Small Festival title!

We hope you are ready for it...
See you next week! x

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