7 Reasons why you MUST book your festival ticket this week

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We've got the most stunning festival location, a 3 year track record of pulling together an absolutely belting lineup and (without blowing our own trumpet too much) we're becoming somewhat renowned for putting on the best end-of-summer party festival! But if that's not enough to convince you to book the days off work and call in the babysitter just yet, then here's a few other good reasons why you should  MUST make that commitment and book your Lindisfarne Festival tickets in advance for 2018...

1) You get the cheapest festival tickets

The early bird catches the worm so they say - and it's no different with our festival tickets. Our 2018 Early Worm tickets sold out in a matter of days, but we've still got a handful of Early Bird tickets available at absolute bargain prices! These tickets are ONLY available via Crowdfunder until the 31st October 2017, so you've got to pledge to buy your 2018 Lindisfarne Festival tickets early, if you want access to some of the cheapest festival tickets around! Starting at as little as just £49 for a ticket (that's with camping included!) there's no booking fees to pay either, so they're even cheaper than last year!

2) You get exclusive deals & priority access to extras

In addition to cheaper festival tickets, you can save even more money by choosing one of our fantastic ticket & drinks packages or group booking packages. There certainly aren't many festivals around where you can get your hands on a £3 pint or a £55 full weekend ticket, that's for sure! You can also get priority access to glamping & VIP packages and anyone who purchases a ticket via Crowdfunder will get first access to our campervan and caravan pass sale.

3) You help us set a world record!

If we manage to successfully hit our Crowdfunder target of £70k by the end of October - Lindisfarne Festival will officially hold the Crowdfunder world record as the most successfully crowdfunded festival! How cool would that be?!

4) You get an amazing festival lineup

The more tickets we sell early, the more of a budget we have when it comes to securing our headliners and the rest of 2018 lineup. We've already got some brilliant bands lined up for next year and taking on board all your feedback and suggestions, we've got our eye on a load more incredible acts. BUT we can't make those bookings without the funds to pay the deposits. So if you want an even better lineup for Lindisfarne Festival 2018, make your pledge to buy your ticket. With your help, we can make it our strongest lineup yet! 

Lindisfarne festival lineup first announcement

5) You help save the festival!

It costs a significant amount of money (a lot of which has to be invested up front) to make the festival happen, which is why we're crowdfunding for 2018. If we can't hit the £70k target of our Crowdfunder campaign by 31st October, we won't be able to secure our location, book our lineup or invest in all the other things that make Lindisfarne Festival such an utterly incredible weekend. Without your help & support, the festival sadly may not happen in 2018. This would be heartbreaking for us and our team of wonderful volunteers who have put their hearts and souls into the last few years to create an amazing festival for the North East. It will also be very sad news for all the musicians, artists, traders and other folk who gain great opportunities through the festival. Then there are all our lovely festivalgoers, who have grown to love our little Lindisfarne Fest just as much as we do. We do not want to disappoint anyone and we do not want to let something so magical just slip away from us all. Pledging to buy your 2018 ticket early, literally could SAVE THE FESTIVAL! Every pledge takes us one step closer to smashing that target and putting on the festival we all deserve.

6) You make a difference!

Every single person who supports Lindisfarne Festival makes a real difference. Not only to the festival itself, but to our community. This is a festival by the people, for the people and we are on a mission to make a real difference not only in our world, but in the wider world - far beyond our North East borders. By purchasing a ticket to the festival, you become a part of our greater mission. You help us to shine a spotlight on talent, support those in need, encourage exploration of the extraordinary and celebrate some of life’s greatest treasures: music, art, nature and above all else - people! In 2017 the festival supported some great causes such as Inspired Support, Surfers Against Sewage and Musicians Against Homelessness, and together we can continue to do good in 2018 and make a positive impact in the world.

MAH Alan McGee Quote

Over the last 40+ years, Alan McGee has been a record label owner, musician, manager, and music blogger. In 1993, he famously signed Oasis to his independent label Creation Records... Clearly this guy knows his stuff!


Lindisfarne Festival Crowdfunder Project Poster7) Finally... You can't lose!

If you pledge money to us for a festival ticket or other Crowdfunder reward and enough people do the same within our 6 week time limit, we will reach our crowdfunding target and Lindisfarne Festival 2018 will be full speed ahead and on track for it's BEST year yet. Woo hoo! But in the very highly unlikely event the festival is cancelled it is our duty to refund your pledge, meaning it's a totally risk-free win-win for you. The only way you might lose, is if you don't support our Crowdfunder! Because not only will you miss out on the best tickets and deals, we all might miss out on the festival all together. Let's not let that happen...

Book your discounted 2018 ticket now

Remember, it costs absolutely nothing to secure your festival ticket today as you will only be charged on 31st October (that's after payday) IF we successfully hit the campaign target. 


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