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Secure your 2018 ticket today via Crowdfunder

Earlybird tickets from only £45


What is crowdfunding and why are we doing it?

As a truly independent and majorly self-funded festival, we could not succeed without the ongoing and much needed support from our community. To bring our much loved festival to life, we have to invest up front in order to secure bands and suppliers etc and they certainly don't come cheap. Crowdfunding is simply a way of raising the money needed to put on the event by getting a lots of people each to pledge a small amount in exchange for rewards such as festival tickets, merchandise & other festival goodies.

How exactly does the crowdfunding work?

If you pledge money to us for a festival ticket or other reward, and if enough of you do the same within our 6 week time limit, we will reach our fundraising target! At the end of our campaign (31st October) your pledges will then be debited from your account and Lindisfarne Festival 2018 will be full speed ahead and on track for it's BEST year yet. Woo hoo!

If we hit our intital target early (which we really hope to do), we'll do a little happy dance and introduce a 'stretch target'. Should we hit our target, this will enable us to do things like invest in bigger headliners (we've got our eye on some epic ones!) and/or whatever else YOU want us to invest in! We're open to your suggestions, after all this is YOUR festival :-)

So when & where can I buy 2018 festival tickets?

2018 tickets will be available to secure via the Crowdfunder website from 7pm on Tuesday 19th September 2017 until 7pm on Tuesday 31st October 2017. 

Pledge for your ticket as soon as possible to secure the best price, and should we hit our fundraising target, the payment will be debited from your account once the Crowdfunder closes on 31st October.

How much are tickets?

Our first batch of tickets ('Early Worm' tickets) will be available at last year's Early Bird prices:

£45 (Sat - Sun)
£65 (Fri - Sun)
£75 (Thurs - Sun)

In fact, they're actually cheaper than last year because when you pledge to book your ticket via Crowdfunder, there are no booking fees to pay. BONUS!

There will only be a 100 Early Worm tickets available, so get in there quickly if you want to bag one. Once these are gone, Early Bird tickets will be available at the following prices: £49 / £69 / £79. These tickets will be available to purchase until the end of the Crowdfunder campaign or until sold out - whichever comes first (we're hoping the latter!)

There will also be an option to further support the festival and our chosen good causes by pledging to buy your ticket at full price (£59 / £89 / £99) rather than the discounted earlybird rates. If you can afford to do so, we would hugely appreciate your support and in addition to your festival ticket you will be rewarded with good karma, our eternal gratitude as well as a limited edition Lindisfarne Festival T-Shirt!

Will there be group booking discounts?

If you're coming with a big group of pals you can benefit from our 'mates rates' tickets. Pledge to buy 10 tickets and you'll save £10 per Early Worm ticket, giving you our absolute best price ever!

What about Pilgrim's Utopia & Glamping Packages?

There will be a limited number of Pilgrim's Utopia and Glamping ticket packages available to secure via the Crowdfunder as well as some special festival experience packages such as our exclusive 'Lindisfarne Lovers' package. These are perfect for anyone looking to treat that very special person in their life ;-)

What other rewards will be available?

As well as pledging to secure your festival tickets, you can also pledge for merchandise, all-inclusive festival food & drink packages, as well as a 3 year weekend festival pass for only £195! So if our prices increase in future years, you can be sure you've got the absolute best bargain deal!

Check out the Crowdfunder page for full details of all our tickets and rewards.

What happens if I reserve my ticket but the event doesn't go ahead?

Let's be honest... after the absolutely incredible weekend we just had at Beal Farm a last month and all of your amazingly kind words and praise for the event, the chances of us calling it a day are slim to none! Of course, in the very highly unlikely event the festival is cancelled it is our duty to refund your pledge, meaning it's a risk-free win-win for you.

We are so excited for the 2018 festival and we can not wait to start putting plans into action, booking all the very best talent and get to work in creating next year's ultimate end-of-summer party! We have an incredible location, a passionate team and the relentless determination to overcome the impossible and give Northumberland the festival it really deserves. We nailed it this year and with your support we can do so again and make it even more magical.

We know we have something truly special here and we intend to do everything in our power to ensure the festival holds it’s place in our annual calendars for years to come. 

Please help us to make it happen by supporting our Crowdfunder campaign and pledging to buy your 2018 tickets early

This is our festival. This is your festival. It’s future is in all of our hands...




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